Building things is hard

I hit a small roadblock on building my porch table today. Basically what happened was all the legs broke off the table and some pieces shattered and I lost some of the other pieces.

A table is one of those things that a novice builder should craft without trouble. It’s just a table, after all, and not something complex like a spice rack. And yet, I’m struggling. Using that discarded door as the table top has proved to be challenging. The thing weighs a ton, and my middle school shop class aesthetic can only go so far.

Still, I’ll keep at it tomorrow, and I’m sure I’ll have a breakthrough. There has gotta be some simple solution to fix this.

Way past my bedtime

It was a usual, busy Friday today. After work, I took Zavian to the arcade to reward him for another week of good drop-offs. Hopefully we only have to do this for another week or two. After that, maybe he’ll forget how much he used to cry whenever Monica left him at preschool.

The neighborhood design firm discarded a door, and I grabbed it from their garbage. I’ve had the idea to make a small desk for our front porch. I’d like to work out there more, and a desk is the key to that. I’m currently 3d printing a jig to help me drill holes for the leg dowels. I hope to wrap this desk up this weekend. We’ll see whether or not I get to 3d printing a jig to perforate the top.

Next project(s)

With my laptop harness working and practically complete, it’s time for me to think about my next project. Earlier in the blog, I mentioned some linguistic work that I’d like to explore, and I started some honest coding on that this evening. I’d also like to build something of a tent for my bed so I can create a terrarium of humidity around my face. Monica gave me buy-in for that one, so it’s definitely on my docket. The final thing is productionizing a few chair concepts I’ve worked up in the past. I will either reveal those designs in a public video, or I will try to manufacture them and sell them myself. I’m not sure yet what I’ll end up doing. If I had to guess, it’d be the path of least resistance and work for me to do, which would just be the video.

Today Zavian and I walked to the super market and then went to listen to some children’s music. His Christmas gift finally arrived, so we spent the afternoon playing with that.