Next project(s)

With my laptop harness working and practically complete, it’s time for me to think about my next project. Earlier in the blog, I mentioned some linguistic work that I’d like to explore, and I started some honest coding on that this evening. I’d also like to build something of a tent for my bed so I can create a terrarium of humidity around my face. Monica gave me buy-in for that one, so it’s definitely on my docket. The final thing is productionizing a few chair concepts I’ve worked up in the past. I will either reveal those designs in a public video, or I will try to manufacture them and sell them myself. I’m not sure yet what I’ll end up doing. If I had to guess, it’d be the path of least resistance and work for me to do, which would just be the video.

Today Zavian and I walked to the super market and then went to listen to some children’s music. His Christmas gift finally arrived, so we spent the afternoon playing with that.