Fail fast and then hang it up for the night

Tonight I worked on redistributing the weight from the laptop post backwards to the rear plate. I fabricated for two arms from the front plate that extend and latch onto a tail that extends off the rear plate. This did not properly distribute the weight, and I’m still left with a slouching front plate. I’ll probably have to scrap that idea. Some things I’ve learned:

  1. The straps were probably a good idea, particularly the two that extend over my shoulders. It’s pretty comfortable, even as I add weight.
  2. The front plate could benefit from a wider piece of wood, but my projects are firmly rooted in the discounted wood I buy from my neighborhood hardware store. If I can’t make it with shitty wood, I definitely couldn’t make it with “extravagant” wood. Also, when I mess up on lousy wood, it’s not the end of the world.
  3. On that point, messing up, I do it all the time. I could spend more time setting my cuts and really making things clean, but that’s not how I work. I’d rather try different things and approximate good cuts. Make it work, and get the idea out there. I’ll worry about style once I understand the form. Or maybe I’ll never worry about style and move onto something else.
Laptop harness in progress

Here’s me trying to stifle a smile; I know how I look. You can see it coming together, though, even if a lot of it is going to change. For instance, I’m pulling down on the back plate to give it the required force to support the laptop.