Into The Breach

I should’ve known that the second game from the creators of Faster Than Light would snatch my attention as much as the first. Here it is, way too late and I’m far too tired, yet I’m still evaluating whether or not I should play one more round. I won’t. I’ve wasted too much time on that tonight, finishing nothing on my keyboard stand except for a few loose sketches.

I’m beginning to second guess the strap construction entirely, wondering if my newfound hobby of metalwork would provide a better frame. Bending metal is something I’ve yet to understand, and I know I don’t have the dies required to bend the tube I already own. Is this just a distraction from the proven “make it work” philosophy of Tim Gunn? Would scrapping the current design and going with a metal frame kick the can down the road a month or two? Maybe. I should just finish this prototype, for better or worse, and then decide if a second, metal prototype is in order.

Monica’s on service for the next two weeks, and I’m spending these days 1-on-1 parenting with Zavian. We walked to a few parks today, and I had an enjoyable time.