That damn bench

I can’t unsee the skew now. It’s like a curse. Perhaps it was because I was working on the floor immediately in front of it, which is not it’s best angle. There’s no correcting the legs, but I could realign the trim. I just have a couple scraps of trim, so I’d need to fudge it a little. Or maybe I should just let it be.

I made $100 on craigslist today by selling a few things from around the house. People just gather more and more things; you can’t stop it, so you need to constantly shed things to maintain a balance. Also, I spent a lot on ebay over this past month, and I’m trying to make up for it.

A clunky turquoise ring on my finger

Speaking of eBay, I got the clunky turquoise ring I mentioned. It’s pretty bulky, which I like, but the color is less a deep forest green and more an aquamarine. As such, it just doesn’t match my palette, and I’ll return to seller. I originally planned on getting a tattoo wedding band, but I’ve yet to do that. After almost four years, it’s probably time.

Turquoise Friday

I’m really susceptible to peer pressure. Perhaps because I always been the quiet sort without a ton of friends. I’m very comfortable being alone, though. It doesn’t usually bother me. It’s also pretty hard to be alone when you’re married with a kid, so maybe let’s just forget this first paragraph and start again.

I’m pretty susceptible to peer pressure, and the marketing around Black Friday and Cyber Monday activates that weakness. I don’t fall for any of the sales, and I haven’t been in a door buster stampede, but I get the itch, y’know?

So, I’ve mentioned I’m into flea markets, and I used to frequent thrift stores like they were my house of worship. These days everything is online, including my pointless spending on used merchandise.

I was considering a few auctions for last year’s Pixelbook, but the reviews I read stated it was vastly overpriced. Those reviews were posted prior to a Chrome OS update that allows it to run containerized Linux apps. I hear that’s still buggy, though. I can sit on that purchase and wait for a better deal.

Instead I bought a giant turquoise ring. I was watching an old video of Freddie King using his guitar to narrate a story, and he had some clunky stone rings. That man had style to match his talent. We’ll see if I can pull it off with not much of either.

I’ll use it as my wedding band for a while, maybe.