To Sonia, Pneumonia

More work on the rhyming algorithm in between family time. Monica and I are both off tomorrow for MLK day. We’re sending Zavian to school and having a parents skip day. We’ll go to a new park on in SW and check out the scene in that, our least visited quadrant.

It’s becoming apparent that this rhyme algorithm will need to make sugestions on the rhymes it recomments, because so many rhymes exist. So many rhymes exist.

Eighth Grade

Monica and I saw the movie Eighth Grade, and we both liked it. It was uncomfortable and heartwarming, sprinkled with those teenage truths we all strive to forget.

I learned today that all files on a file system take up at least 40KB of space, even if the file itself is not that large. This has thrown a pretty big wrench into the system I was working up, but it’s ok. I can pivot and make this happen differently. I just wish I could move faster on all of this. Work and family come first, and then I’d mostly be sleeping the rest of the time if I didn’t have this drive to see this project realized.

I can do this.

Internet’s most boring blog

Hunkering down on a blocker that I have working with AWS Lambda. The uncompressed file size limit is 50MB, but people have had success uploading from S3 and reaching 250MB. I don’t know if you can rely on that, though.

I’m trying to not make this the most boring blog ever, even though I kinda know it is. Really, the purpose for me is to just write something every day. For that selfish reason, I’m succeeding.

Here are a couple rhymes to think about:

European Gorilla / Korean Flotilla
Stellar Communication / Propeller Configuration
Gothic Elites / Catastrophic Defeats

Monroe explains what the chateau contains

The rhyming algorithm is getting smarter, but it needs guidance on what to produce. I’m also running into some limitations with the 8GB of RAM on this Pixelbook. I might need to take things to the cloud, or better (and cheaper) yet, to my gaming PC with its elevated specs.

Zavian went to school today, and I had some unbridled time to myself. I showered, shaved, and trimmed my eyebrows, and it all felt pretty good. I also went to the consignment shop and bought a new shirt. Self care materializes in different ways.

Monica and I took a walk tonight. I apparently bought and drank all of the Jarrito club soda from our local Plaid Pantry, so we settled on a can of Canada Dry. The carbonation was lackluster and fleeting.