In three minutes, it will be Thanksgiving. When that time comes, I’m going to sneak downstairs and quietly eat our entire pumpkin pie with a spoon.

I’m hung up on starting a project because I don’t know where to begin. One of my favorite quotes, or actually my favorite quote now that Papa John has revealed his true colors*, is “To begin, begin” by William Wordsworth. I did a project on him in high school and I can’t remember a single additional detail on him.

*Papa John’s Pizza has the marketing slogan “better ingredients, fresher pizza, Papa John’s”. I always used to say that when I described my cooking or drink-mixing philosophy. If you really care about the taste of something, forget about using dried or canned ingredients. Buy the source ingredients and build it up from there. That’s why my fresh lemon Tom Collins is always a hit. Recently Papa John revealed himself as someone who drops the n-word casually in conversations, so I’m really not trying to quote him anymore.