Pixelbook Design Review

I’ve been using the Pixelbook for the past month, and I really enjoy using it. It’s clear that they put a lot of thought into the design of this device. This thing is light but sturdy in any orientation (including the pleasing “tent” mode), and the keyboard is snappy and comfortable. Touching the screen to scroll a web page or file provides immediate joy. Surface users must’ve realized this years ago.

I’m fortunate that the eBay auction I won bundled in the stylus and the case. I’d be unlikely to buy them separately, and with them I’m able to see how Google applied great design to the whole package. The stylus is comfortable in my larger hands and really useful for sketching out ideas. The case has a pleasing texture, a satisfying magnetic clasp, storage for the stylus, and easy access to the Pixelbook’s USB-C port for charging while stored.

Tonight I 3D printed a simple ring to keep the charging cable from getting kinky. It could use a few more iterations.