Incremental updates

I started working on ye olde linquistic project again. I’m excited for it to take off, but it’s been slow going. I rewrote some of the base classes so I could properly add tests and an architecture that is a step above “just messin’ around”. I’ve added code over the past couple days, and it’s nice to see something developing. Even though I wish I were faster, it’s reassuring to see it coming together.

I added some basic quilting to my DIY felt sleep mask. I’ve made a couple cuts to it over the past couple days, and I’m happier with the shape of it. I also finally fixed Monica’s. We tried to take a selfie while the both of us wore the sleep mask, and we stumbled upon a software adjustment to the pictures that the iPhone performs. If it can recognize a face, it will lighten the faces (or adjust the lighting while photographing the faces). If it can’t recognize a face (like, say, when the face’s eyes are covered by sleep masks), it makes no changes to the photo or the photography process. Always surprising to see just how much work companies do to make a process seem seamless and effortless.

I broke my repaired phone.

Yesterday, I spent $130 getting my screen and battery replaced on my iPhone. It’s like my phone is brand new again, despite being 4 years old. To celebrate this achievement, I accidentally spilled water into the headphone jack, shorting it out today. Woof. 

I ate dinner alone at Yoko Sushi today. It’s a cozy neighborhood restaurant that serves phenomenal sushi. The mascot is a puffer fish with a sumo bun. I can dig it.