Study, buddy

I need to study for this pending AWS exam. I won’t delay it again, but I really need to hit the books over these next few days. I’ve done most of the other things I needed to do, many of which were lower in priority than studying. Now my schedule is clear for some truly acrobatic procrastination. Monica’s taking Zavian to Salem tomorrow, so I’ll use that time appropriately.

Today I worked and then took Zavian to the arcade to reward him for a consistent week without crying at morning drop-off. I actually remember crying a bunch when I was his age and in the same situation, and my mom bribing me with candy bars.

We ate at Kati for dinner. That place is simply phenomenal.

Another one of those

Another day when I don’t really know what to type. On these days, I’ll just write a journal entry describing what I did today. Hold onto your hats, we’re about to go full Live Journal.

Today I worked most of the day on a ticket I thought I mostly finished last night. Sweeping up the little things always takes the longest time. After work, I built a DIY squatty potty that turns out it’s a bit too high. Don’t ask me how I know. I walked to pick up Zavian, and I watched him sing Day-O with the rest of his class. Did you know there’s at least one person with an absurd conspiracy theory for the lyric about the black tarantula? I found that out while reading the “talk” Wikipedia discussion for this song, and it almost gave me another headache. I accidentally broke my Keyboard harness while assembling that squatty potty, and I spent the evening trying to fix it with some clumsy re-soldering. No dice. Another project for another day.