Another one of those

Another day when I don’t really know what to type. On these days, I’ll just write a journal entry describing what I did today. Hold onto your hats, we’re about to go full Live Journal.

Today I worked most of the day on a ticket I thought I mostly finished last night. Sweeping up the little things always takes the longest time. After work, I built a DIY squatty potty that turns out it’s a bit too high. Don’t ask me how I know. I walked to pick up Zavian, and I watched him sing Day-O with the rest of his class. Did you know there’s at least one person with an absurd conspiracy theory for the lyric about the black tarantula? I found that out while reading the “talk” Wikipedia discussion for this song, and it almost gave me another headache. I accidentally broke my Keyboard harness while assembling that squatty potty, and I spent the evening trying to fix it with some clumsy re-soldering. No dice. Another project for another day.