Busy Day Today

I spent most of my work day managing a project I’m working on, but not actually working on that project. I’ll have to spend some of the weekend making up that time, but what can you do. I’d like to spend some of that time on my stagnating linguistic project, but at least I’m learning things that I can apply over there.

I rode my electric skateboard to the supermarket, and I waited around with it inside. A guy asked me to buy him a burrito, but I was too distracted to immediately understand his request. After I asked him to repeat himself, he played it off. I assume you can’t ask for food or money in the supermarket. I should’ve told him that I understood, and then bought him a burrito. Instead, I just let it pass. I once tried to give a guy a taco in Chicago, and he was upset that I presumed he couldn’t afford one. Never make presumptions about people, but at least try and push through the confusion to communicate successfully communicate.