Coffee Shop Observations

I spent a fair bit of time studying today for that AWS exam. I’ve moved from “learn AWS” to “learn how to pass an AWS multiple choice test”, which represents a failure of standardized testing, but what can you do?

I arrived at a coffee shop on Hawthorne today, entering just as a man had removed his shoe, rolled up his pant leg and revealed to the room a tattered and bloody lower leg. He then hobbled past me and across the shop to the water dispenser, where he informed the staff that he was just cleaning his leg. The baristas were not thrilled to hear this. They banded together and requested the injured man leave the premises. The man said something about “you don’t have to call anyone”, but I wonder if he actually wanted the opposite. Maybe he thought that police medical staff would dress his leg wound as part of the arrest. I’m not sure why he made a show of it otherwise; he could’ve just used the bathroom.

If my reasoning was correct, he backed out of it and left the shop, maybe unsure of any further injury that would result from the arrest. Or maybe he had mental issues that prevented him from understanding that this was not an ok thing to do. I don’t know.