Usual Tuesday, Chrome Bag Provenance

Today was pretty standard. I worked until 4 and then walked to picked up Z around 4:30. We walked to New Seasons to pick up some groceries, and Monica met us there. We walked home, cooked dinner, and then put Z to bed. Monica and I both did some work, and now she’s asleep on the couch.

I have a large Chrome Industries single flap backpack that I purchased about 8 years ago. It’s made of vinyl tarp and so hardy; I use it for travel all the time. I wanted a smaller backpack to safely carry my laptop around in the Portland rain, and so I naturally turned to Chrome’s current offerings. I was disappointed to learn that Chrome no longer manufactures their bags in the United States. They do still make their custom bags here, but those are one-offs and much more expensive.

I turned to eBay and got a couple good deals on two Chrome backpacks: The Pawn and the Orlov 2.0. The Pawn is one of their vintage, USA-made backpacks and the Orlov 2.0, which (like any other bag labeled 2.0) is made in China. I get them next week, and I’ll happily lay out any differences I see.