I have a backlog of these entries. I’m going to try and stop emailing posts to myself and start actually posting them each night. Anyways.
My new keyboard stand is looking more like an old TV aerial than an actual keyboard stand. That’s ok. If it’s not clear by now, I’m making a harness that will allow me to carry my laptop with me through my house while I work. If all goes as planned, it will really let me loosen up and slip some nasty dance steps into my workday. It’s the next iteration of the treadmill desk. It’s going to take the rehabbed loft shared workspace start-up scene by storm.
Right now I’m working on a way to keep my  $1500 laptop from flying off my $10 scrap wood stand. I also need to rebalance it so there’s not so much downward pressure on the bottom edge of the front base plate. An idea is coming to me now, something of a pyramid. I’ll have to sleep on it.