Day 2 Writers Block

A little bird on the beach

I’ve restarted this post a couple times because I’m not really sure what I should write about. It’s probably better not to overthink this.

My grandfather’s 96, about to be 97 next month. He served in World War II, but he didn’t see combat due to luck and a family friend who was in charge of deployments. My other grandfather also served in WWII, and it’s my understanding that he was in combat and worked on or flew in gliders. He died before I was old enough to know him.

I was thinking about the recent and despicable spotlight on white supremacists and Nazis in the country, and the loathsome politicians who refrain from condemning them. Would it make any difference to these politicians if someone interviewed the remaining WWII vets and established that “Yes, after over 75 years, we still hate Nazis, and you should too, goddammit”?